HIIT Training and Benefits (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT Training and Benefits High-intensity interval training

If you are wary of the side effects caused by the various weight loss pills available in the market, then you can try HIIT training. The training programs involve a lot of sweating and panting which is good for burning the excess fat in your body.

It is a well-known fact that physical exercise is good for. But, if you do it wrong, you will get bored of the results and quit along the way.

HIIT training involves working out intensely for short periods and then having a recovery period after. The training program enhances the results, and you can reap substantial health benefits within a short period. The exercises run for 10 to 30 minutes.

The exercises can consist of sprints, fast cycling or making quick jumps with a skipping rope. For example, you can perform 20 quick jumps with a skipping rope then slow down with small jumps. The basic idea is to get your heart pumping faster due to the physical exercise.

1. Fast burning of Calories

This one of the most sort after benefit of HIT. Since your heart rate increases at a rapid rate, you can burn a lot of calories within a short time. It has been found that HIIT exercises burn 30 percent more fat than other forms of exercises. For you to achieve this, you will need a session of intense exercise followed by another of less strenuous exercises. Even after the workout your body still burns calories for about two hours, and this contributes to a significant reduction in weight.

2. Extended Metabolic Rate

It has been noted that the metabolic rate for those using HIIT programs lasts longer than other forms of exercise. This means you burn more fat than other programs. This is because your body is converting fat for energy instead of carbs.

3. Increase in Muscle Mass

It has been noted that those who engage in HIIT training have an increase in muscle mass than other exercising programs like jogging or swimming. However, the increase in muscle mass is in the areas the user flexes during the exercise. For example, if it’s a skipping rope, there might be an increase in muscle mass in the arms and legs.

4. Maximizing Oxygen intake in the body

When you engage in HIIT programs, your muscles take in a lot of oxygen. Oxygen circulation in the body improves when you participate in HIiT programs like cycling, jogging or sprinting for short periods of time. This improved circulation of oxygen in the long term eliminates breathing problems. However, this will depend a lot on the time you spend on the HIIT program. The longer, the better.

Increased oxygen intake also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and the risk of obesity. A study found that individuals involved in HIIT biking exercises had a decreased blood pressure than those who did not. It should be noted that those who performed the exercises for extended periods of time had better results than those who did shorter days.

5. Reduced Blood Sugar

HIIT programs have been known to reduce blood sugar and promote insulin absorption in the body. This is for people who perform the exercises for more than 12 weeks. The benefits extend to those who have type 2 diabetes. A single session of HIIT can lower glucose levels considerably.

6. Time Efficient

HIIT workouts are time efficient. 30 minutes of intense workouts produce more positive results than hours of less strenuous activities. The workouts are also more enjoyable than other types of workouts and have the psychological effect that you exercise regime is working. If you are short of time and have a hectic schedule, you can try out the HIIT exercises. They are relatively inexpensive and can be performed at home. They also do not require a lot of space. The workouts take many forms, and you can choose one that fits your schedule and preferences.


The benefits of HIIT training programs are numerous. A robust fitness program is a right way to keep diabetes and blood pressure problems at bay. The best part is the HIIT programs come in many forms, and you spoilt for choice which one to choose from.