Best food to gain lean muscle

Best food to gain lean muscle

Do you desire to gain muscle? You can do this by combining physical activity and nutrition. The physical activity challenges the body as diet offers support for muscle gain.

In as much as foods with high protein content are useful, you should not forget to add fats and carbohydrates in your diet since they increase your energy levels. Here are the best foods to help you gain muscle.

Lean Meat Protein


Eggs are a healthy source of fats and proteins. They also contain choline, vitamin B, and amino acids. The nutrients in eggs are used in the production of energy and muscle gain. The yolks of eggs have high cholesterol which can improve lean muscle. When you take eggs in the morning, it is not easy to overeat for the rest of the day.


A serving of salmon has at least high-protein content, omega 3 and vitamin B. You can gain muscles as you take salmon during a fitness program since it has a significant function in muscular health. This builds muscle tissues and helps you control your hunger. It also minimizes cholesterol levels and boosts your memory.


These nuts contain a lot of nutrients that are healthy for your muscles. The fiber and protein in almonds help your body repair muscles that are worn out. They prevent you from feeling hungry constantly since they contain healthy fats. Almonds can also improve your cognition skills and provide you with energy.

Lean Salmon and Eggs

Sweet potatoes

Instead of having bread every morning, take sweet potatoes. They are starchy carbohydrates that contain vitamin B and A. The fiber in them enhances muscle gain and improves athletic performance. They also ensure that you feel satisfied fast and prevent you from excess snacking during the day. Take sweet potatoes for your post workout.


Apples are fruits you should never miss. They are a source of electrolytes, fiber, and carbohydrates. These nutrients are essential for gaining muscles. Enjoy an apple without peeling its skin since it has phytonutrients. The low calories in this fruit prevent you from cravings.

Chicken breast

This form of white meat not only has lots of proteins, but also contains vitamin B6. You should take chicken breast as you continue working out since it allows your body to function accordingly to help you gain muscle. It also encourages fat loss.

Greek yogurt

This dairy product has whey and casein protein which is slow in digestion. Unlike regular yogurt, Greek yogurt gives you double protein content. Ensure that you take Greek yogurt after you are through with your workout. You can also enjoy the snack before you sleep.


You can enhance your performance in training and build muscle by consuming Tuna. It has vitamins such as B12, A, B, B6, and niacin. All these boost your health and raise your energy levels. Your muscle health gains support from omega-3 found in Tuna. It prevents you from losing muscle mass that may occur due to age.

Lean beef

Ensure that you take beef from cattle that are fed with grass. This ensures that you don’t gain additional calories from it. Lean beef has a lot of minerals, proteins, and creatine. It can help you gain lean mass as you continue training.