Benefits of Protein Supplements

Benefits of Protein Supplements – Can They Help You Gain Muscle

Protein supplements are used to help you meet your daily nutritional requirements. Supplements should not take the place of actual foods. Besides, the nutritional value that they offer, supplements help you lose weight and have lean muscles. When you engage in strenuous exercises, your muscles tend to get damaged, and proteins help in muscle growth.

Certain situations require a higher protein intake than normal. This could include pregnancy or if you suffer from a blood condition like anemia. Protein supplements come in handy to meet this shortfall.

Benefits of Protein Supplements - Protein powder Shake

1. Nutritional supplements

The foods that we eat have protein in them. But, at times we miss out on our daily nutritional content, and this requires we protein supplements. CDC recommends that men take 56 grams and women 46 grams of protein daily. Certain factors, however, bind this like if you have a blood condition, vegetarians may need more protein intake and if you are an athlete.

According to the National Cancer Institute, it is recommended that cancer and surgery patients take in supplements as they cannot meet their daily intake through the foods that they consume. The elderly also require supplements because as they age their muscles tend to waste away. Hair loss symbolizes protein deficiency, loss of muscle mass and a weakened immune system.

2. Muscle gain

Protein supplements promote lean muscle. As a person ages their muscle, mass declines and this can lead to an increase in fat in the body. To solve this, you can engage in a program that involves both strength training and consuming a diet that is rich in protein. But, since most of us do not have the time to weigh how much protein is contained in foodstuffs, protein supplements bridge this gap.

The protein that works best for this is leucine. It has been found to more effective for age-related muscle loss than other sources of protein like soy or casein.

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3. Weight Loss

Proteins supplements have fewer calories than the carbohydrates and fats that we take. Proteins work in the body by suppressing appetite, which leads to people consuming less. Proteins are also known for boosting the body metabolism rate. That feeling people have when they are full is called Satiety and reduces the craving to eat.

Some of the foods have a more satiety effect than other. That’s why you are always grabbing that bag of crisps. Between protein, carbohydrates, and fats, protein has the lest satiety effect. It has been noted that if you consume foodstuffs with whey some few minutes before a meal, you will experience a decrease in the number of calories taken.

4. Lower Blood Pressure

One of the leading causes for heart disease is hypertension or high blood pressure. It has been shown that dairy products contain a protein called whey proteins. This include inhibitors called Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE-inhibitors). This has been proven to lower blood pressure.

5. Promoting Digestive Health

The digestive system is critical for the conversion of digested food into essential nutrients. It has been noted that the whey protein that is found in most dairy products promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. This protein also helps in the absorption of iron into the blood system from the stomach. Iron plays an important role when it comes to supplying of oxygen in the body and when absent can lead to blood disorders like anemia.

6. Reduction in Type 2 Diabetes

Studies indicate that people who have type 2 diabetes had increased insulin intake when they took whey proteins during a meal. They also experienced a decrease in blood glucose levels. Obese subjects are prone to diabetes experienced a reduction in calorie intake, and this reduced their chances of having diabetes.

7. Cancer prevention

It has been noted that some of the compounds found in dairy products like milk led to a prohibitory effect on tumors. A compound called glutathione was found to induce cancer cell destruction on mice. This means that when used in cancer therapy it reduces the growth of cancer cells.


We cannot meet all out nutritional requirements from our dietary needs and protein supplements help us meet these needs. Protein-rich diets should be encouraged especially to reduce the need to consume more calorie-rich foods. A single pill of protein supplements can meet your daily needs when compared with a whole plate of food.